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Direct Primary Care

What Is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care is our passion and mission. Eliminating third-party insurance, or the “fee-for-service” model, allows us to advocate for our patients, remove constraints of traditional primary care appointments and creates an opportunity to bridge the gap between the general population and their healthcare providers. As a primary care model, Direct Primary Care focuses on removing barriers in healthcare through wholesale laboratory prices, limited constraints on which laboratory tests can be ordered, discounted pharmacy rates, and utilization of preventative health services.

Direct Primary Care For Individuals

We offer an affordable flat monthly fee that covers comprehensive primary care services. This fee is based on your age.

Our patients get free, unlimited appointments, wholesale medications, discounted labs and so much more. We will never bill insurance for our care, but you can utilize your insurance to pay for medications at a local pharmacy, laboratory charges, medical imaging, or specialty care. When it comes to our care, our monthly fee is all you ever pay!

Direct Primary Care For Businesses

My Brookhaven Health offers an affordable flat monthly fee that covers comprehensive primary care services for employees of your business.

This plan allows employers to provide a healthcare plan for their employees to get free, unlimited appointments, wholesale medications, discounted labs and so much more. We will never bill insurance for our care, but employees can utilize their insurance to pay for medications at a local pharmacy, laboratory charges, medical imaging, or specialty care. When it comes to our care, the flat monthly fee is all you ever pay!

Personalized. Accessible. Transparent.

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Benefits of Membership

As a member of our practice, you will receive highly personalized and transparent care from our team. Our members are guaranteed longer appointment times to ensure our patient’s feel not only heard, but seen as a whole. Traditional models of healthcare allot a 15-minute window to see a patient, and bill accordingly. The Direct Primary Care model allows our providers to spend time with their patient, have a dialogue, and discuss multiple health concerns in the same visit. Being a member of My Brookhaven Health guarantees our patient’s transparency with cost, accessibility to your providers, and personalized care.

The monthly membership includes an unlimited number of visits per month, same to next day appointment availability with your provider, urgent care appointments, wholesale laboratory services, and discounted pharmacy rates. Since communication at My Brookhaven Health is vital, we have high expectations for the provider and patient relationship. Being a member allows you as a patient to interpret laboratory data with your provider, accessibility to appointments via email, over the phone, or Telehealth, as well as in person. Free PCR COVID-19 testing is included in the membership. In addition, those with Diabetes Mellitus, Type Two, can enroll in the National Diabetes Prevention Program through our practice and work alongside My Brookhaven Health towards healthier lifestyles and dietary changes.

Our Direct Primary Care Plans

Our Direct Primary Care Options

Our affordable flat monthly membership fee covers comprehensive primary care services. Our membership fee is based on your age.

Ages 18 - 45


/ Month

Ages 46 - 64


/ Month

Ages 65+


/ Month

Employer Plan


/ Employee

*My Brookhaven Health POLICY IS TO CHARGE THE FIRST AND LAST MONTH OF MEMBERSHIP UPON Joining AND A $35 ENROLLMENT FEE PER MEMBER. The MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP and ENROLLMENT FEES ARE NON REFUNDABLE. New Members are billed upon joining. A method of payment is required for enrollment and must be eligible for auto-draft. My Brookhaven Health IS A subscription BASED model and membership fees are billed monthly,. We require 30 day’s notice for termination of service

Frequently Asked Questions

To remain an active member, the monthly payment is automatically billed at the beginning of each month via Square. This ensures less phone calls to the patient regarding payment, and allows for open availability with appointments and prescriptions. Patients must be up to date with their billing in order to receive services at My Brookhaven Health. Lab fees, and other in-office charges that are not covered by the membership are due in full at the time of service and billed after the appointment is concluded.

Utilizing a Direct Primary Care model, insurance is not an accepted payment for services rendered in our practice. The constraints of a “fee-for-service” model in healthcare does not align with the patient care we strive to provide to our patients. To offer the most transparent and accessible care, a once a month fee will encompass most of the medical care provided. Please call our office with further questions, we would be happy to explain!

Depending on which insurance coverage provider you use, a HSA account can be applied for the monthly membership fee. Please contact your insurance provider for more details. 

For specialty and imaging referrals, we will use any insurance a patient has on file to proceed, saving the patient time and money with efficient referrals.

The monthly payment encompasses all visits, and requires no co-pays upon arrival. The monthly payment includes all services provided during your appointments including a baseline EKG. Through the direct primary care model, laboratory services will be offered at wholesale pricing and billed at time of visit.

My Brookhaven Health membership is a commitment on a monthly basis. However, non-members after their initial consultation, have a seven-day grace period after their established care visit to determine if our clinic is the right fit. Those who opt to cancel in this window will owe the difference between fees paid and the non-member rate of services received. For those with an active membership, a $150.00 deactivation fee will be applied at time of cancellation to cover the cost of care delivered, and transmission of health services.

If your automatic payment is bounced, or we are unable to contact you, your My Brookhaven Health membership will be considered canceled, and your account will be considered delinquent.

For imaging such as X-rays, or CT scans that are not able to be performed in the office, our clinical operations manager will send a referral and use any insurance we may have on file for required prior authorizations. Though we do not accept forms of insurance for our payment, we do understand where insurance may be utilized to maximize patient benefits. For specialty clinic referrals such as Cardiology, we will also send the referral for your behalf to ensure all documentation required is sent in.

If you have specific questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the front office.

Urgent Care Appointments are unique at My Brookhaven Health due to accessibility for members, in addition to availability for non-members as well. There are a handful of urgent care open appointment slots allocated between both providers each day at My Brookhaven Health. Non-members can use a one-time urgent care appointment slot for an acute issue such as sudden illness or injury. Non-members must pay a one time visit fee of 90$ at check in, and appointments have same or next day availability. Members must call ahead of time before coming into the clinic and will be prioritized to non-member availability of appointment slots. Urgent care appointments will be scheduled at random with either our PA or MD. 

Should you have a need that arises after normal business hours, you may call the office and discuss your issue or concern with our Clinical Operations Manager or PA. Our On Call service will advise you on how to best address your issue until the clinic reopens. An encounter of your conversation will be added in the patient chart sent to the office the following morning to ensure continuity of care with your established provider. If an emergency situation arises, please call 911.

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