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Providing Individuals and Small Businesses in Western North Carolina with personalized treatment plans, accessible healthcare and transparent doctor, patient relationships

Who We Are

At My Brookhaven Health, our values stem from our origin and experience. With over 25 years of experience in Internal Medicine, Dr. Jonathan Edwards strives for strong patient communication, and values all interactions with his patients. 

Jonathan Edwards, MD is an Internal Medicine physician with 30 years of experience in caring for adults.  Dr. Edwards values the doctor patient relationship, and works diligently to keep the lines of communication open and be a patient advocate. 

Claire Thetford, PA-C, is passionate in nutrition, women’s health and mental health. With four years of nutrition research, Claire has extensive knowledge in antioxidants, preventative health and chronic inflammatory diseases. Claire advocates for a patient’s choice, and education in disease processes. Deeply passionate on LGBTQIA+ rights, body positivity, and diversity, all are welcome and equal at My Brookhaven Health.

How We Began

My Brookhaven Health had an unique start. In the Summer of 2021, My Brookhaven Health was created to act adjacent to an established Behavioral Health clinic in South Asheville, NC. Working in a Collaborative Care Model, My Brookhaven Health was born! Valuing mental health and viewing each patient as a whole, our view of Internal Medicine has differentiated from the norm. A Collaborative Care Model functions as a “two-way street” creating open communication between a patient’s primary care provider, and their mental health provider. Through discussion, providers can be fully informed on how their patient is doing as a whole.

Personalized. Accessible. Transparent.

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